Increase Positive Reviews

Social Surveys

Social Surveys is a solution primarily for car dealers. Social Surveys' smart optimization technology generates true positive customer reviews on the most popular review sites like Google+ Local & DealerRater® while ensuring that no negative reviews are publicly posted in the process.

Social Surveys takes your customer database of vehicles sold and requests that your customers participate in a customer satisfaction survey. The survey then uses smart optimization technology to determine who is most likely to leave a positive review. It then directs satisfied customers to the review site that they are most likely to complete a review on. If Social Surveys determines that the customer is likely to leave a negative review, it directs the unhappy customer to a private survey which is only viewable to the dealership. This process increases positive reviews and decreases negative reviews about your dealership.


  • Smart Optimization Technology
  • Unlimited Social Surveys Per Month
  • Whitelisted Email Delivery


  • Increase Positive Reviews
  • Decrease Negative Reviews
  • Convince potential customers to shop at your dealership
  • Provides insight about your customers